Sunday, 29 December 2013

New Features and Fixes in VCOrganizer (Build 292)

The new VCOrganizer and vcCalendar (Build 292) has been published to Play Store and Amazon App Store. For users who downloaded the app from Samsung App store, it may take some times due to the Samsung App Store app submission processes (We are sorry for the inconveniences caused).

The latest VCO Pro, VCO Ent+ and VCO Pro+ are published, For the other VCO versions (such as VCO Adv, VCO Std, VCO Tab...) they will be published soon.

Major Changes

  • Share data to/from other apps. You can also share data from VCO Tasks app to VCO Calendar or VCO Notes App, and vice versa. When you share the data within VCO Apps, the title, categories and notes will be copied correct fields.
  • Allow user to select multiple categories in category filter.
  • You can select days of week when configuring AutoSync
  • The user interface is fine-tuned for for HD devices such as Amazon Kindle HDX. etc.
  • Increase VCO Contacts App photo resolution.
  • Adjust categories color
  • Change the app Logo
  • In VCO Tasks App, you can sort tasks by date and categories.


  • Bluetooth Sync issue (please also upgrade to the latest SyncCenter 7.1.100)
  • Deleted recurring instance doesn't sync to VCO Calendar from Outlook. To fix it, please update the recurring event (any recurring instance) again and sync with VCO.  
  • If encryption is enabled, when you backup in Plain-Text mode, it doesn't decrypt the notes.

Best Regards,
David Tin,
Product Manager
VCOrganizer syncs Outlook (notes, tasks, events and contacts) to your Android phone and tablet.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Cannot find SyncCenter?


When sync with Outlook using WiFi mode, VCOrganizer prompts "Cannot find SyncCenter". 


There are a lot of reasons VCOrganizer cannot discover the SyncCenter. Here are the 3 most possible causes that VCOrganizer cannot discover the SyncCenter via WIFI wireless connection:
  1. The firewall on your PC blocks the connection
  2. The VPN on your PC blocks the connection
  3. Antivirus might contribute the issue.
  4. The android device and the PC are not on the same subnet.
  5. Your phone/tablet is connected to a guest network on your WIFi access point (please check your WIFI router settings) 
  6. You have not started SyncCenter on your PC.
Please try to turn the items 1 to 3 off temporarily to isolate the cause of the sync failure.If it is firewall issue, VCOrganier uses UDP broadcast IP, port: 11000, and communication port 8182. You can try to turn on the firewall and change the firewall settings to allow the communication, and see if that works for you. 

Please do the following:

  • Make sure you have installed SyncCenter on your PC
  • Make sure your PC and your Mobile are on the same subnet (e.g you pc and your mobile are connected to the same WIF access point, please also turn off your Guest network on your WIFi access point if you have enabled it).
  • Restart your PC, mobile, and router.
  • On your PC, start SycnCenter and make sure WIFI mode is selected.
  • On your phone, turn on your WiFi, not the 3G data.
  • To isolate the issue, please make sure you have turn off your firewall and antivirus software (if this is a firewall issue, you can add the exception rules to your firewall later)
  • Then, sync again
If you still see the "Cannot find SyncCenter" message, please send the following information to VCOrganizer Support
  1. On PC, in SyncCenter -> About tab, please let us know what IP address do you see?
  2. On your Phone/tablet, in VCOrganizer Settings, scroll to the bottom, please let us know what IP address do you see?
  3. If you enter the IP address that you see in (1)  in VCOrganizer Sync screen, and press the start button, is VCOrganizer able to sync with Outlook?

Additional Information

Configure Firewall for VCOrganizer WiFi Sync

It depends on how your firewall is configured. For most of the users, you don't need to change any firewall settings. If you have identified that Firewall is the cause of sync issue, please do follow:

For Windows Firewall:

  • In Control Panel -> System and Security -> Windows Firewall
  • Click the "Allow Program to communicate through Windows Firewall"
  • Click "Change Settings"
  • Click the Add another program
  • Click the browse button, and select
    C:\Program Files\Vecal\VCOrganizer\VCOrganizer\VCOrganizer.exe (assume you have installed SyncCenter
    in this directory)
  • Then, click the Add button
    You should see the "OutLookSync", select it and click the Details button
  • Then, click the "Network location types. Check both Home/Work, and Public checkboxes. Then, click OK
  • Try to sync again

For McAfee Total Protection:

Please add the following ports rules:

TCP/IP-porte: 8182
UDP-porte: 8182
Open ports to: All PCs

TCP/IP-porte: 11000
UDP-porte: 11000
Open ports to: All PCs

Best Regards,
David Tin,
VCOrganizer syncs Outlook (notes, tasks, events and contacts) to your Android phone and tablet.