Thursday, 10 July 2014

VCOrganizer Enterprise+ (Sale)

VCOrganizer Enterprise+ is on Sale now (), one of the Best Android Outlook Sync Apps, secures your important notes, tasks, contacts and events. It syncs with Outlook client using USB, WiFi or Bluetooth. 

One license syncs with unlimited PCs. The SyncCenter software on your PC is free. That means you can sync your android device with unlimited number of Outlook clients on your PCs with no extra costs from this app.

On Sale for VCOrganizer: < BUY ONE GET ONE FREE >
When you buy one VCO Enterprise+ plus license (including One-time license, Annual Subscription or VCO Enterprise Extension license), we will send you another same license key for free.
Please send your ShareIt Order Confirmation email to and we will send you another license key within 2 business days.

Promotion Period: From 1st Sep 2014 to 15 Oct 2014

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Sunday, 6 July 2014

QText Widget

QText widget () let you easily send SMS messages.  With the QText widget, you can create some frequently used SMS messages and associate these messages to your friends. You can then quickly send these messages by just a single click.

Here are the steps to add QText widget:

Tap on home screen to add the QText widget.

Tap on the QText widget to define the text message and contacts.

In edit mode, you can select your contacts and Text message.

Add Contacts to WidgetDefine SMS message of the widget

You can also tap on the icon the title bar to define the custom icon of your QText widget.

Define custom icon for the Widget

Save the widget and you should see the widget on your Home screen.

QText widget on Android Home screen

You can tap on the widget on your home screen to send the SMS message.

You can also add multiple QText widgets to your Home screen.