Monday, 30 June 2014

VCOrganizer Release 8 Update (Build 349)

This release is for VCOrganizer Pro and VCOrganizer Lite only, the other versions will be published soon.

- A new widget called QText (), you can easily send SMS to a group of people with predefined text (such as "Call Me", "See you in 5 mins" ...etc.). Just tap QText widget on your Home screen and Send.

   You can put multiple QText widgets on your home screen and each of them can have different messages and contacts ...etc.
     For example, “Call Me”,  “Please wait 5 mins”, “On the way home” ….etc.

     When you need to send a quick SMS, you only need to click that widget and click “Send”. In fact, before sending the SMS,  you can still edit the text (If you only need to change the text, you don’t need to switch to Edit mode).

- The DatePicker, you can switch between vertical mode () and horizontal mode ().


- For some cases, when you have thousands of contacts, some of them are not synced to your phone.
  (Please also download SyncCenter 8.1.327 from our website)