Sunday, 3 November 2013

New Features in VCOrganizer (Build 272)

The new VCOrganizer Pro (Build 272) has been published on Play Store. For the other VCO versions (such as VCO Ent+, VCO Pro+, VCO Std .._) they will be published soon.
  1. User can create linked items (notes, tasks, events or contacts) directly from view mode.
     Open a task in view mode, create a note that links to this task.
     Open a event in view mode, create a task that links to this event.
     Open a note in view mode, create a task that link to this note ..etc.
  2. Edit note from Tasks/Event view mode.
  3. Allow user to assign icon to tasks/events (more than 200 icons).
       assigned icon will be displayed in vcCalendar app, vcTask app, and notifications
       (icon information will not be synced to Outlook or android)
  4. Allow completed tasks to be displayed by data completed.
    By default, tasks are displayed by due date in the calendar. You can enable this feature to display by date completed.
  5. New Widget layouts with themes (black/white/transparent)
  6. Allow user to change backup/restore location
  7. You can now backup in plain-text mode (by default, it's encrypted mode).
  8. If you have purchased the VCTASKS KEY FOR PREMIUM from Play Store, VCO can sync with tasks with Google Tasks on cloud. 
  9. If you want to store the Google tasks in a separated app, you can also download the vcTasks app from Play Store. For details, please read "Sync with Google Tasks()

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