Friday, 31 May 2013

How to Sync with Outlook on Remote PC?

Here is an interesting question from one of our customer that I would like to share.


I am away from the office or home for several weeks at time and make changes to calendar, tasks...etc. on phone. Nightly, I remote into office or home PC. After a while, outlook events are not matching up with events in phone.

Can I sync Android and Outlook on my remote PC using VCOrganizer?


Yes, you can.

You need the following:

  1. Fix IP address  (If this is your home network, which should be provided by your ISP depends on what plan you are using)
  2. Configure port forwarding on your router.

Assume you have PC A at home with fix ip 111.222.333.444 assigned by your ISP. And you have your mobile phone which is connected to the internet.

  1. You need to set the port forward at home's router to forward request from 8182  to port 8182  on PC A
  2. If necessary, you can enable the VPN feature on your router it supports VPN.
  3. You can also set sync password in SyncCenter -> General tab if necessary. 
  4. Connect your phone to internet (using 3G or 4G, if you have VPN enabled, you can connect VPN), then enter the ip address of 111.222.333.444 in VCO Sync screen.
  5. Done.

Remark: The IP address 111.222.333.444 is an example. You need to check with your ISP to see if you have a fix IP.

If you do not have a public IP, please see this blog  Chat - Sync with Outlook

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact support at

David Tin,
Product Manager
VCOrganizer syncs Outlook (notes, tasks, events and contacts) to your Android phone and tablet.

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