Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Real-Time Sync and AutoSync

For users have purchased the AutoSync extension, once the Real-Time Sync is enabled, the tasks, notes, contacts and events will be synced between VCO and Outlook automatically.

To use real-time sync, you need to setup the connection in vcChat and SyncCenter:

1. Connection your vcChat app to your Gmail account.
    Blog: Chat - Connection

2. Connection the SyncCenter on your PC to Gmail another account.
    Blog: Chat - Sync Outlook Setup

3. Please also install the VCOrganizer Outlook AddIn

When you select "Sync with this Outlook client", remember to check the checkbox "Enable Real-Time Sync". You can re-enable the real-time sync if you have forgot to select "Enable Real-Time Sync".

How does it work?

When Real-Time Sync is enabled, the following will happen:

  1. When you create/update/delete items from VCO, it will be synced to Outlook immediately.
  2. When you create/update/delete items from Outlook, it will wait for about 1 minute and sync the items to your devices.
  3. If you have more than one devices, SyncCenter will sync with these devices one by one.
  4. If either the SyncCenter or VCO is not online, the items will be resent when both SyncCenter and VCO are online again.

Additional Information

  1. Real-Time sync and the traditional sync are compatible. You can run the traditional WiFi, Bluetooth or USB Sync anytime you want.
  2. If you have enabled the Real-time Sync, you don't need to enable the AutoSync schedule anymore. In AutoSync screen, please uncheck the "Enable" checkbox on the top right. It will stop the AutoSync process.
  3. Before you start to configure the Real-Time sync, please complete at least one traditional sync (WiFi, Bluetooth or USB) first to sync all the data to your device. If you sync a lot of data in Real-time sync, it will be very slow. About 2~3 seconds per record.
  4. If you have synced your Outlook with more than one devices (phones or tablets), in VCOrganizer, please do not sync the contacts and events to your Gmail account (or any cloud accounts such as Exchange) on more than one devices. This may create duplicates. It's suggested to sync contacts to "Phone-Only" account and sync events to "My Calendar" account on all devices.

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