Tuesday, 21 October 2014

How to protect your contacts data with VCOrganizer?

VCOrganizer Contacts

If you want to sync your Contacts data from Outlook to your phone, but you don’t want to sync these contacts information to your Google account on the cloud.

  1. In VCOrganizer -> Contacts -> Menu -> Settings, “Export Contacts to Mobile”, you can select “Phone-Only”.  The contacts sync from Outlook will be stored in VCOrganizer Contacts App and Android Contacts App, but not gmail account on Google cloud.
  2. Also, in option “Import contacts From Mobile”, you can also select “Phone-Only”. This is to avoid any possible duplicates. The default value is “All Accounts”, which import all contacts from all contacts accounts.  If you have the same contact on different Android Contacts Account, you may end up import more than one entries for the same contact.

If you have some very sensitive information in your contact note, you can consider not to sync these information to your Android Contacts App.

  1. In VCOrganizer -> Contacts -> Menu -> Settings, there is an option called “Do Not Sync Contacts Note to Mobile App”, please make sure you have checked this option before sync with Outlook. If this option is checked, the contact note will be kept in VCOrganizer Contacts App only, the other contacts information such as phones, email …will be synced to Android Contacts App. The contact notes will be stored in VCOrganizer only and they will be encrypted in VCOrganizer if encryption is enabled.
  2. In VCOrganizer Settings -> make sure the “Encryption” is enabled. By default, it’s disabled.
  3. You also need to enable the Pattern Lock in VCOrganizer Settings to protect your app from being accessed by other users.

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