Thursday, 23 April 2015

VCOrganizer Pro is ready for download

VCOrganizer Pro has been published. You can download it from Play Store. For the other versions such as VCO Ent+, VCO Pro+, VCO Tab ..etc, they will be published soon.


  • Display Photos in Notes (List View and Grid View) and Tasks List View.

    By default, this feature is enabled. You can disable it from Menu -> “Show Photos”
  • Show Android Calendar events in VCO Calendar (For Android 4+).  You can also
    Create/Edit/Delete Android Calendar events from VCO.

    By default, this feature is disabled. You can enabled it from VCO Calendar -> Settings -> "Show Android Events"

    If this feature is enabled, when you create events in VCO Calendar App, you can select whether to create the event in VCO Calendar (which will sync with Outlook) or create the event in Android Native Calendar (which will not sync with Outlook). Please see the video below for details.
  • You can hide the "Vertical Time Bar" in Calendar (Diary View and Text View) in Calendar: Menu -> Display Options -> "Show Vertical Time Bar"
  •  Please also download the latest VCOrganizer Outlook AddIn 3.1.115. This version has fixed the AutoSync issue (When user create items in Outlook, it doesn't trigger the AutoSync).

Calendar Text View with Vertical Time Bar

Calendar Text View without Vertical Time Bar

Display Photos in Notes List View

Display Photos in Notes Grid View

Create VCOrganizer Event and Android Native Event

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