Thursday, 14 May 2015

How to install VCOrganizer on new phone/tablet?

1. Install VCOrganizer on your new device:
a) For VCOrganizer purchased from Google Play Store (such as VCO Pro, VCO Tab … etc.)

  • There is no need to enter any license key for VCOrganizer purchased from Play Store.
  • Google checks the license based on the gmail account registered on your device. 
  • Please register your new device with the same gmail account. The one that you used to purchase VCOrganizer. Then, go to Play Store to download it again.
  • If you have changed to use a new gmail account on your new phone, you need to purchase VCOrganizer again.

b) For VCOrganizer license key purchased from ShareIt or MyCommerce (such as VCO Pro+, VCO Ent+ … etc.)

  • Go to Play Store to download VCOrganizer again. 
  • Then, register the key in VCO -> Settings screen.

2. After installing the latest VCOrganizer on your device, please also download and install the latest SyncCenter on your PC.

3. Then, sync with Outlook again.

Remark: Do not try to restore the old VCO backup files from old device to the new device. It’s not recommended.

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