Friday, 17 May 2013

VCOrganizer and vcCalendar - Online Help

The new VCOrganizer and vcCalendar (Build 240) have been published. We are going to post more information regarding the great features of our Calendar App. Here is the overview.

vcCalendar provides a quick graphical or textual overview to show your events/tasks/contacts of the selected month. Events are displayed by the start/end time. Tasks are displayed by the due date. Contacts are displayed by the flagged due date.You can also configure not to show tasks or contacts in calendar view in the Calendar Settings screen.

User can switch between Month ViewWeek ViewDay View or Diary View using the toolbar bar at the bottom of the calendar.

  • Tap single day to show popup window with day events/tasks/contacts
  • Swipe horizontally over calendar to go to next/previous month
  • Tap on the calendar title to show the Goto menu
  • Tap on the search icon to show the Search toolbar
  • For more options, you can click on the menu button on the upper right corner
  • To exit, tap on the back button on the upper left corner or press the back button on your device.
  • When you are in Month View screen, tap on the Month view button again to go to Today
  • In Calendar Menu
    • Go to Home screen
    • Go to Today
    • Go to selected date
    • Switch View
    • Set Filter
    • Sort items
    • Change text size
    • Select Monday first or Sunday first
    • Import events from Android Native Calendar
    • Export events to Android Native Calendar
  • In Calendar Settings, 
    • You can configure to show events/tasks/contacts or show events only in the calendar views
    • Show contact Birthday/Anniversary on calendar
    • Enable Floating Task, which shows overdue task on today
    • Lock time zone so that the events time are displayed based on your selected time zone, but not the default time zone of the device.


  1. Great! Have you solved the problem of the widget?

  2. Hi Sodio,

    I have checked with Support. They have received an email regarding the widget issue in VCO Tab.

    They have replied to the email already. If you haven't received the email, may I ask you to send an email to our support again?

    For this case, we may need to collect some logging for troubleshooting. Please follow up with support for details.

  3. Looks complex, but if I ever figure it out it will be worth it.

  4. Sorry, too many options and too flexible. If you have any issue, please feel free to let us know.

  5. Since I upgraded MS Outlook on my PC from 2010 to 2016 (Office 365), I have been unable to sync with my calendar on my Samsung Galaxy S4. When I check the calendar settings on the phone, under "Sync with Mobile Calendar", the selection bar label is "---No Active Calendar ---". Contacts, Tasks, and Categories appear to sync appropriately.

    1. We have received your email regarding this issue and need some log files from your PC and phone. The instruction has been sent to you via email. Let's continue our investigation through email. For security issue, please don't upload any log files to the blog.

  6. Hi when I sync with my outlook calender deleted on my outlook don't delete on my phone vcorganiser? Can you Pls advise thanks

  7. On your PC, SyncCenter -> Sync Options, there is an option which allow your to configure this feature. In order to understand your environment settings, we may need to collect the log files from you. I would suggest you contact

  8. I have tasks on my PC that have been 'archived' so they are no longer in the main .pst file. However, when I sync, those tasks remain on my phone. Am I doing something wrong? Shouldn't the tasks on my phone that are no longer on my PC be removed from my phone? I do have "Removed Deleted Tasks from Outlook" and "Remove deleted Tasks from Mobile" checked in SyncCenter.

  9. I can't find how to switch from a 24 hour clock to a 12 hour one.

    1. It uses the default setting of your phone. You can change it on your phone Settings app, and then restart VCO Pro.

    2. Thanks it helps. Before reading this comment, I have spent plenty of time to find method how to change it in the vco app.

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  12. Hi.

    Can you please fix the calendar option to allow copying events etc from a search. Currently I need to manually search for an event or appointment, copy and paste to a new date. I need to be able to use the search option, find a result and copy that, which is currently not possible.

    1. I have forwarded your request to our development team for their review, thanks.

  13. okay I need help syncing my Android tablet to my Outlook account I do not know how to do it and none of my categories

  14. okay I need help syncing my Android tablet to my Outlook account I do not know how to do it and none of my categories

  15. May I ask you to describe your issue in more detail?
    e.g Are you using WiFi sync? Do you see any error message?
    Are you able to install SyncCenter on your PC?
    What do you mean Outlook account (VCO doesn't sync with cloud)?

  16. I've downloaded and installed the outook addin but I cant see it's icon anywhere?

    1. Please make sure the VCO Addin is enabled in Outlook Options -> Add-ins.

      Please have a look of our FAQ: