Friday, 17 May 2013

How to Create Recurring Event in vcCalendar (occur every third Tuesday of the month)?

From time to time, some customer ask how to create recurring event in vcCalendar, here is one of the example and I would like to share with you.

How do I make an event recur?  I have one things that occur every third Tuesday of the month. Cutting and pasting is fairly easy, but a pain in the neck.

Here are the steps to create the recurring events in VCO Calendar that occur every third Tuesday of the month:

  • In Calendar, tap the "Create" Event button. 

  • In the Create Event view, enter the subject.

  • Scroll to the "Recurrence" section and tap the Space below the "Recurrence" line.

  • In the Recurrence screen, you can select your start at/end at time, then select “Monthly” in the Recurrence Pattern

  • In the Monthly recurrence mode, tap on the "first" button. You will see  a popup menu,  select "Third" from the list.

  • Then, tap the button next to the "third" button,  select "Tuesday" .

  • Then, you select the "Start/End" date.
  • Then, tap the "Save" button on the top right corner. It will go back to the Create Event view.

  • Then, tap the "Save" button in the Create Event view
  • Done.
  • You will see the recurring event in the Calendar Text mode, if you switch to Bar mode, the event icon will indicate that this is a recurring event.

  • If you are using VCOrganizer to sync with Outlook, after syncing with Outlook, you should see the same recurring event in Outlook Calendar. If you can edit/delete any recurring instances in VCO or Outlook, they should be keep in sync.
  • Regarding the recurring instances in Android Native Calendar, please visit our FAQ for details "Recurring event instances between VCO Calendar and Android Calendar".

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