Friday, 17 May 2013

How to change an individual recurring instance of the recurring event?

To update the recurring event instance, it's easy. You can edit the recurring instance or just do a cut/paste in the Week View.

Edit the Recurring Instance

  • In the Calendar, select the recurring event instance that you would like to update. 

  • Tap on the event to open it in Detail Screen

  • Tap the Edit button to enter edit mode and select "Open this occurrence" from the popup menu

  • Update the start date (e.g change from 22 May to 23 May) and click tap Save button to apply the change.

  • You should see the event being updated in the Calendar view.


You can also use Cut/Paste method to update the recurring instance time.
  • In the Week View, tap on the event instance that you would like edit

  • Select "Cut" from the popup menu

  • Long press on the timeslot that you would like this recurring instance to paste to. Select Paste from the popup menu

  • Then, in the popup menu, select the timeslot you would like to paste to.

  • Done.

  • If you use VCOrganizer to sync with Outlook, the updated recurring instance will be synced to Outlook after sync.
  • If you have configured to sync events with Android Calendar, the corresponding event instance in Android Calendar will be updated immediately. 

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