Thursday, 12 February 2015

VCOrganizer V9 Pilot Test is Ready.

VCOrganizer V9 will be ready for User Testing soon. For existing customers, if you are interested to join the Pilot Test, please send email to

Major Enhancements in V9:

File Attachments:

  • Allow users to add attachments (including Voice, Photos, any files ..) to Notes, Tasks, Events and Contacts. You can then sync these files between Outlook and VCOrganizer.

 Security Enhancements:

  • On your device, when you enable the Encryption in VCOrganizer, you can set your own encryption password instead of using the system generated password.
  • On your PC, if you have configured Sync Password, you can enable the “SecureSync” feature which will encrypt the Outlook items and attachments when sync over WiFi or Bluetooth.
  • If encryption is enabled in VCOrganizer, files are automatically encrypted/decrypted when you open the files from VCOrganizer. Your files are also PROTECTED.
  • For performance issue, images, audio and video files will not be encrypted.

  • Why you need to enable encryption in VCOrganizer while the Android OS already has encryption?
  • The OS encryption will protect your data when your phone is stolen. However, if your phone is being hacked, your data is still visible to hacker as they can easily read your records using the standard OS api. 

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