Sunday, 4 May 2014

Chat - Outlook Real-Time Sync

Outlook Real-Time Sync (for VCOrganizer)

Once you have configured the communication channel between VCOrganizer and Outlook, you can enable the Outlook Real-Time Sync.

  • Go to  VCOrganizer Chat App -> Friends list.
  • Select "Outlook Real-time Sync" from the dropdown menu
  • Then, select the option "Outlook Real-time Sync" and click OK in the popup dialog box.

What data will be synced depends on what you have configured in SyncCenter -> Sync Options screen. For example, if you configure to sync Notes only in SyncCenter, when you create/update/delete any notes in VCOrganizer, it will sync to your Outlook.

If VCOrganizer Chat app and Outlook are connected to Gmail Talk Server, the items will be sync to Outlook immediately.

If either one of them is not connected, VCOrganizer will store the updates in the local queue and will send it when SyncCenter is connected to Gmail Talk Sever again.

For example, you can update the records in VCOrganizer when you are in office. When you are home and start the SyncCenter, as long as the Chat app in VCOrganizer is also connected to Gmail Talk Server, the updates will be synced to Outlook automatically.

- This icon indicates that the Outlook has received and processed it.
- This icon indicates that the message is still in your local queue and waiting for deliver.

This is an example:


  • At this moment, only items create/update/delete in VCOrganizer will be synced to Outlook with Real-time Sync. For the items that you have created/updated/deleted in Outlook, you need to use the Outlook Full Sync or the traditional WiFi, Bluetooth and USB to sync to VCOrganizer.
  • Real-time sync and full sync can be used together. You can do the Outlook Full sync any time you want even you have enabled the Real-time sync.

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