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Chat - Sync with Outlook

Sync with Outlook - (VCOrganizer Version 8 Preview)

Note: Please be reminded that the online sync is designed for real-time sync. It uses to sync your daily updates on your devices. If this is a new installation of VCOrganizer or you haven't completed a full sync with Outlook, please use the traditional way to sync with your Outlook first (using WiFi, Bluetooth or USB). Otherwise, it may take a very long time to sync thousands of records using this chat client. (about 2 ~3 seconds per record)


  • Assume you have already setup the communication channel between SyncCenter and VCOrganizer, please see the "Chat - Sync Outlook Setup"
  • The Outlook Sync (Full Sync) is a synchronized XMPP process, both SyncCenter on your PC and VCOrganizer Chat on your phone must be online and they are connected to Google Talk Server.
You can start the sync process from your Phone or your PC.

1. Start Sync from Phone

You can either start from the Chat screen or the traditional Sync screen.

a) Start from Chat Screen

To start the sync, you can select "Outlook Sync (Full Sync)" from the dropdown menu from the friends list in Chat app.

Start Outlook Sync from Chat screen
Start Outlook Sync from Chat screen

b)  Start from Sync Screen

If both of your VCOrganizer Chat and SyncCenter are connected to Google Talk Server, in VCOrganizer Sync screen, you should see the registered Outlook client. You can select that Outlook client and click the "Start" button to start the sync process.

Start Outlook Sync from Sync screen
Start Outlook Sync from Sync screen

2. Start Sync from PC

To start the sync from PC, 
  • In SyncCenter -> Chat, in the listbox under the "Friends to Sync with this Outlook client",  select the Gmail account you would like to sync with.
  • Click the "Send Sync Request to VCOrganizer".
  • Once VCOrganizer has received the sync request, it will start the sync process. By default it syncs with express mode. If you want to sync with full mode, please uncheck the "Express Sync" checkbox.

Express Sync

When you start the sync, by default, it starts with a "Express Sync" mode (the first time is always full sync mode). You can un-check the "Express Sync" checkbox to do a full sync.  For the express sync, it only syncs the new items or updated items in VCOrganizer and Outlook. It won't check for deleted items or items (events or contacts) that you have created/modified in Android. It's very fast. So, if possible, we recommend you to modify the items in VCOrganizer instead on Android native app. 

If you know that you have deleted any items or you have created some items (events or contacts) in Android native apps, you can uncheck the option "Express Sync" to do a full sync. You can do the full sync any time you want. Even you have forgot to do a full sync after you have deleted some records, the next time you do the full sync, the records will be deleted any way. 

To protect your Outlook data, by default, we won't delete any record in Outlook. To allow SyncCenter to delete records from Outlook, you need to enable this option in SyncCenter -> Sync Options.

Detailed Sync Log

Once the sync is completed, you should see a reminder in your Android Notification Task bar. Click on the reminder in the Task bar will take you to the detail sync log. The log shows you every single items that have been created/updated/deleted in Outlook or VCOrganizer. You can also click on the Outlook client in the Friends list in VCOrganizer Chat app to go to this sync log screen.

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