Friday, 2 May 2014

Chat - Friends

Friends  - (VCOrganizer Version 8 Preview)

The "Friends" section shows your friends status. The active (available) friends will be shown first.

  • To add/invite friend, you can enter the email address in the textbox at the bottom.
  • You can click the "Search" () button next to the textbox to list all the email address in your address book.
  • Click the "Add" () button to send your invitation to your friend.
  • When your friend receive your invitation, he/she will see the "subscribe request" in the Chat App. 
  • Click on the "subscribe request(s)" bar to accept/reject the subscription request.

Remark: In the Search popup, it will only show the email address with the same domain. For example, if you are connecting to Google Talk, it will only show the gmail addresses that you have in your address book.

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