Saturday, 3 May 2014

Chat - Settings (Preferences)

Preferences - (VCOrganizer Version 8 Preview)

The Chat Settings allows you to set global level settings and friends level settings.

To enter the Global Settings, click the "Settings" () button in the Chat main screen.
To enter the individual friend's Settings, open your friend chat screen (from the Friends section), and select "Settings" from the menu.

These are some of the major settings you can configure

Connection Settings

Connection - Server Host, Port or Service Name. By default, it's Google Talk Server.
Compress Connection Data
Connection Encryption

Application Settings

Auto-Start Options - Start At Boot, Start when Wifi is on.
Auto-Stop - disconnect from the server when Wifi is off.

Notifications Settings (Global Level or Friends Level)

IM Notifications
Notifications with Sound
Notifications with Vibrate
Notifications with LED indicator

Others (Global Level or Friends Level)

Encryption Password - This is different from Connection Encryption. Connection Encryption is to encrypt the connection channel. The data are not encrypted when store in the server.  When Encryption Password is set, the data are encrypted with password before sending out. The data will be decrypted on your friends' devices when they receive it. That means, even the data is stored on the server, they are encrypted. This give you an additional level of protection. In case the data are sent to the wrong person or the server is being hacked, the person who has these data will not be able to view the content.

The Encryption Password can be set in Global level or individual friend level. That means, you can set different password for different friends. You can also set password for only some of the important friends and keep the Global password unset.

NOTE: In order for your friends to view the content, they must set the same password.

Auto Import - When your friends share VCOrganizer items to you (such as Notes, Tasks, Events, Contacts), by default, it keeps in your message queue and will not be imported to your VCOrganizer Notes App, Tasks App, Calendar App or Contacts App. By enabling this feature, when you receive the VCO item it will automatically import these items to VCOrganizer apps. You can selectively enable this feature to some of your friends.

Auto Send Voice - When you send voice message in Chat screen, it sends the voice message automatically when you release the Record button.

Wallpaper - This can be set at Global level of Friends Level.

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