Sunday, 4 May 2014

Chat - Share VCO Items

With the built-in chat feature, you can easily share any VCO items to your friends or colleagues which include notes, tasks, events and contacts.

For the items that you have shared, any members in the shared group can add any comments to that item.
You can share the item in "Read Only" () mode or "Allow Update" () mode.

  • For "Read Only" mode, your friends can update the items on their device, but it will not update the items on your device.
  • For "Allow Update" mode, when your friends update the item, it will also update the item on your device.

In the following example, we are going to show you how to share a task in VCOrganizer. For events, notes or contacts, they are similar.

1) Open the task that you would like to share. Select "Share to Friends" from the menu.

2)  In the "Share to Friends" dialog, you can select any groups or friends you would like to share. After that, in the Task screen, you should see the members of this task.

3) Now, Billy and Sophia should have received this shared task. Since the task is shared as Read-Only, even they have updated the task on their device, it won't update the task on your device.  

4) For all the shared items, members can add any comments they want which includes text messages, photos or voice messages. To add comment, click the comment icon () to go to the Item Comments screen. You can type text message, send photos or voice. Just like what you can do when you chat with friends.

Item Comments Screen
Comments displays in Task screen

5) All the items or comments that you have sent to or received from your friends, you can see these items in your friend's chat screen. In VCOrganizer -> Chat -> Friends, for example, click Anderson KK to open the chat screen. 

In the following example, it shows a task and a comment that you had sent to Anderson. Anderson had sent you an event and a contact.

- This icon indicates that you have received the item, but it's not been imported to VCO App.

- This icon indicates that you have received the item, and it's been imported to VCO App.

- This icon indicates that your have sent the item to your friend and he/she has received it.

- This icon indicates that the item is still in your local queue and will be sent when your friend is online.

  • By default, the comments added by the item owner (who share this item) will be broadcast to all members. However, the comments sent from members will not be broadcast to other members. If you have selected "Auto Forward Comments" option when you share the item, all the comments sent from members will be forwarded to other members automatically.
  • You can use "Share to Friends" option at any time to change the share settings of that item such as change from "Allow Update" to "Read-Only", or add/delete members, or change the "Auto Forward Comments" option.
  • When you share any recurring event instances, the whole recurring series will be shared.  

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