Saturday, 3 May 2014

Chat - Send Text Messages, Voice Messages and VCO Items

Chat - (VCOrganizer Version 8 Preview)

Send Voice Message in Chat

The Chat app is a very powerful app that integrates with all the other build-in apps in VCOrganizer such as Tasks App, Notes App, Calendar App and Contacts App. You cannot only send text messages and files, but also send voices, photos, VCOrganizer Items (such as tasks, notes, events and contacts).

If you have enabled message encryption, any messages (including texts, voices, photos, files ..etc) will be encrypted before sending to the server. The message will be decrypted when your friends receive it.

The title bar not only shows the status of your friend, but also shows the connection type.

 - This icon indicates that you have enabled message encryption for this friend.
 - This icon indicates that your friend is connected to the server using VCOganizer Chat app.

For example, the following image shows that Anderson is connected to the server using VCOganizer Chat app, but you have not enabled message encryption with Anderson.

Send Text Message

Type message in the textbox and click the enter button in the keyboard when the cursor is at the end of the message or click the "Send" () button. If you want to send message with multiple lines, just click enter button in the keyboard when the cursor is not at the end of the message.

You can also click the "Smile" () icon on the left to add image icons to your message.

Send/Receive Voice Message

To send voice message, press on the "Record" () button to start your recording. When you finish the recording, just release the button and it will be sent immediately. (By default, it sends the voice message when you release the "Record" button. But you can also configure it not to send automatically in Settings).
Click the "Play" () button to play the voice messages 
This icon indicates that the message has been played before.
This icon indicates that this is a new voice message and haven't been played yet.

Send Text Message with Voice

You can send a text message with voice attached. To send a text message with voice, type your text in the text box and then press the "Record" button to record the voice. When you finish, the text and voice will be sent together automatically.

Send Text Message with Photo

You can also send a text message with photo attached. To send a text message with photo , type your text in the text box and then select the photo from the Attach button. After you have selected the photo, the text and photo will be sent together automatically.

Send Photo/Video/Files

Click the "Attach" () button to select photo/video/file to send. 

Attach Picture/Video to Your Text Message

Send Task/Note/Contact/Calendar

Click the  "Attach" button to select what type of VCO item you would like to send. Then, pick the item from the popup window.

Send VCO item is different from Share VCO item.

When you send an item, it just sends the item to your friends device. There is no any linkage between the sender and the receiver.

When you share an item (it will be discussed in another post), your friends can add comments to the item. If you update the item, it will also update the item on your friends device. If you share the item as "Allow Update" mode, when your friends update that item, it will also update the corresponding item on your device.

When you or your friend receive the VCO item, by default, it keeps in their message queue and will not be imported to their VCO App. They need to open the item from the message queue and click the "Import" button to import the message to their VCO apps. You can set to automatically import to VCO App when receive the VCO items from your friends in Chat - Settings.

- This icon indicates that the item has been imported to your VCO App

- This icon indicates that the item has been received but it's have not been imported.

You can click on the VCO Item to view the item details.

Attach Task/Notes/Event/Contact to Your Text Message


  • When you send any recurring instance of a recurring event, the whole recurring series will be sent.
  • The Chat app is designed to allow users to chat with a VCOrganizer compatible clients (VCOrganizer and vcCalendar). You can still use it to chat with other normal chat clients, but you won't be able to send VCO items or voice to these non-VCOrganizer compatible clients.
  • You can only send voice recording to VCOrganizer compatible clients (such as VCOrganizer and vcCalendar). If your friend is not using the VCOrganizer compatible client when you send the message, the message will be kept in your local queue and will be sent when your friend is connected using VCOrganizer compatible client.


  1. This is now very helpful. I no longer have to copy n paste into another application.

  2. If your friends, partners or colleagues also use VCOrganizer, it will be more fun.

    This feature was suggested by one of our users who doesn't like to enter any tasks or events manually, very often, and his partner schedule the events for him. Now, he doesn't need to copy/paste or re-enter the events anymore :).

    If there are any tasks that need to be done (shopping list, paying bill, picking up kids), they will be in his tasks list automatically. No mess SMS or phone call...

  3. Interesting article with fine images. So many social chat messengers are there in the market now days. YoTurf app is also an iOS mobile chatting application which allows introverts to get interacted with people of their shared interest. It is a GPS app that allows interaction based on location as well.

    1. Yes, you are right. There are a lot of chat messengers apps in the market. We are not going to compare with them. The Chat in VCO is to integrate with Notes, Tasks, Contacts and Calendar apps. This allows users to easily sharing their information in secure way. Of course, you can also send voice, image ...etc.

      One of the main reason to add the Chat app is to allow user to do a secure remote Outlook sync or real time sync. This also allows users to share their items to multiple devices without keeping them in the cloud (you can enable message encryption).

      If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let us know.

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