Sunday, 4 May 2014

Chat - Share VCO Items by Categories

Instead of sharing items one by one, you can share item at categories level.

1) Open a category in VCO Category app, and click the "Share" () button to open the "Share to Friends" dialog. 

For example, for any item assigned with this category, it will be shared as "Allow Update" mode to your friend Anderson and Billy. Also, when you, Billy or Anderson add any comments to the shared items, it will be broadcast to all the members in the group.

For example, if you have assigned the category "K2 Project" to a task, it should show the member list that inherit from the category. If the share is inherited from category, you will see the category icon () in the Member title bar.

If there are more than one categories of the item which have configured share properties, they will be combined. However, the "Read Only" will always come first. 

For example 
Category A - share with Read-Only,  and with member Anderson and Billy
Category B - share with Allow-Update, and with member Anderson and Sophia

If you have a task with Category A and Category B, the effective share mode will be:

Anderson  - Read-Only
Billy - Read-Only
Sophia - Allow-Update

  • When you assign/update share properties to a category, it will take effect when you start updating the items with that category. For example, if you have a task with category "K2 Project". If you set the category "K2 Project" to share with your friends, the task will not share to your friend until you update the task again.
  • The item level sharing will overwrite the category level sharing. If you have set the task to share with our friends, it will ignore any share properties that inherit  from category level.

Avoid Duplicates of Records When You Share Items

Share data is designed to share your VCO items with your friends. If you want to share the items with your other devices (for example, from VCOrganizer on your Phone to vcCalendar on your tablet ..etc), please note:

Since you can sync contacts or events to/from different sources on your Android devices, please try not to create a loop when you share items. 

Example 1:
You sync items from Outlook to Phone A, and then share items from Phone A to Phone B, and then sync Phone B with the same Outlook client. This is very likely to end up with duplicates.

If both Phone A or Phone B are going to sync with the same Outlook client, you don't need to share data. The data will eventually be synced to both Phone A and Phone B from Outlook.

Example 2:
On Phone A, you have configured to sync contacts or events to your Gmail account on the Cloud. On Phone B you have also configured to sync contacts or events to the same Gmail account.  If you have create an events on Phone A, and then share to Phone B, you will end up create two events on the Cloud. It's because Gmail doesn't check for duplicates.

If you want to share events or contacts from Phone A to Phone B, please make sure you don't configure them to sync with the same Gmail account. For example, on Phone B, you can configure VCO not to sync events to your Gmail account (In VCOrganizer -> Calendar -> Settings, "Sync with Mobile Calendar").

At any time, VCOrganizer will try to check for duplicates when you share items or sync with Outlook. It's suggested to avoid these loop situations.

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