Saturday, 3 May 2014

Chat - Groups

Groups  - (VCOrganizer Version 8 Preview)

The Groups section allows you to group your friends to different groups for messages broadcast and share items.

Add Group

  • To create a new group, enter the group name at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click the "Add" () group button
  • Then, select the members from the popup list.

Remark: You can only manage group (add, delete, add/delete members) when you are connected to the server.

Group Functions

Broadcast Messages

Click the "Broadcast" () button next to the group name to enter broadcast screen.
In the broadcast screen, you can send messages, photos and voice messages to the group.
In the Group Broadcast screen, you can see all the messages which sent to each individual friends in the group. It also shows the status of the messages (e.g: whether your friends have received the messages)

- Your friends have received this messages.

- The messages have not sent yet. It will automatically send to your friends when both of your are connected.

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