Wednesday, 21 May 2014

VCOrganizer Version 8 New Features

VCOrganizer/vcCalendar version 8 has been published to Play Store.

Remark: vcCalendar and VCOrganizer have the same functions and features except that vcCalendar doesn't sync with Outlook.

Here is the summary of the major new features in this release:

  1. Built-in Social Network
  2. Share Items between multiple devices
  3. Remote Outlook Sync (Online/Offline)
  4. Multi-select in Notes, Tasks, and Contacts App (you can delete, categorize, add to favourite...etc.)
  5. Auto Snooze (In VCO Settings), keep sending reminder notification until user open it from notification bar. You can set the Snooze minutes, start/end time of the day. If the snoozed time is smaller than the start time it will be scheduled to the start time of that day. If the snoozed time is larger than the end time of that day, it will be scheduled to the start time of tomorrow.
  6. Notifications, you can now set LED indicator, and vibration.
  7. Allow users to change the system default category colors (In VCO Category -> Settings). You can also configure to display the category colors in full-row mode.
  8. When you search items, you can include the filter in your search. For example, search notes in category "A" or "B" and with keyword "ABC". By default, it doesn't include category, you can enable this option in Search Settings.  
Please also download the latest SyncCenter 8 from our website.

Latest Maintenance Release for Version 8: 

Build (343)
For VCOrganizer Pro only. The other versions such as VCO Pro+, VCO Tab ... will be published soon.

New Features

  1. Allow users to configure other XMPP server in SyncCenter (e.g Openfire).  You need to update SyncCenter to 8.1.323 or above.
  2. In Notes App, you can group items by categories when in Grid mode.
  3. In Notes List Widget, you can select to sort by "Title" or "Last Modification Time"
  4. Multi-select allows user to set tasks due date.
  5. VCO DatePicker swipe horizontally.

Bug Fixes

  1. When using Advanced Filter to filter items (e.g: "not in categories"), it shows completed tasks even you have selected not to display completed tasks.
  2. If AutoSnooze is enabled, manual snooze doesn't work.
  3. When sycn with Outlook, in some situation, the Calendar doesn't refresh after sync
  4. In VCO -> Contacts, when select to import "Phone-Only" contacts from Android, contacts from other accounts also imported..

Android Notes Widget

Android Notes Grouped by Categories in Grid Mode

Android Notes Grouped by Categories in List Mode

Android Notes Grouped by Categories in Grid Mode in Tablet


  1. Can the type not only choose color and also choose iconr?

  2. I am sorry that you can only choose icon from item level at this moment. We can add it to our enhancement list.

  3. All of the test emails and contact info worked great. Now, when using an event or trying to see contacts, those tests don't show up. For instance, the test even on the calendar shower but not within the app... It's not visible. Hey.

    1. I am sorry that I am not understand you issue:

      1. Please let me know what you mean: "the test even on the calendar shower".

      2. When you said "but not within the app... It's not visible", do you mean you can see the events in Outlook Calendar, but you cannot see the event in VCO Calendar after sync?

      3. If you create a new event in VCO Calendar, does it sync to Outlook correctly?

  4. How do you group notes by category?

    1. In VCO -> Notes app,click the "Sort" button (The A-Z icon, second icon from the top left). In the "Sort By" popup, you should see a "Group By" option (just above the "OK" button). You an select to group by categories.

  5. Can you display calider as a year planner

    1. I am sorry that we only provide monthly, weekly, daily, list, and (1-14 days) view.

  6. How do I remove duplicate contacts off the phone? My outlook doesn't have duplicates but the phone does.

    1. Please have a look of our FAQ:
      Clean Duplicate Contacts!topic/vcorganizer_forum/fScOjV1fSJc